An Increased Demand

Market and industry insiders are 

forecasting the national legal demand 

for cannabis to increase to 

$22 Billion by 2020.


There are many advantages that the ancillary sector has, such as it avoids regulatory hurdles, it enables Inter-State Commerce, and it allows brand expansion.

Economic Growth in Adult Use States

The introduction of Adult Use in CO and WA have resulted in a 70% year over year compounded growth rate.

Exponential Growth

The ancillary cannabis market grew

161.2% in 2016. Consulting increased 

737%, investment / M&A up 366%, and consumption devices 

increased 116%.

More Cash Flow

Cannabis-related companies raised more than $734 million between January 1st and April 21st, 2017. Resulting in a 7X increase from the $108 million raised in the same period last year according to Arcview. 


Arcadian and partners predict a 3-5 times multiple expansion into ancillary revenue. This would result in the California ancillary market alone increasing to a minimum of $36 billion by 2018.

Social Impact

1 in 8 adults consider themselves regular consumers. Communities benefit from job creation, addictions, criminal justice reform, and public health. 

M&A Boom

Halfway into 2018, M&A deals have doubled this year than the same period of last. Public & private cannabis companies in the US & Canada raised more than $1.3 billion during the same period in 2017.

Public Health

Medical cannabis also represents a scalable solutions to the opiate epidemic, which is costing the U.S. more than $500 billion in economic productivity each year.

Target Investment Area