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Johnathan Raineau, Head of Central and South America Strategies


Johnathan Raineau is a seasoned business man with investments in USA, Costa Rica, Argentina, France and Egypt. He is fluent in French, English and Spanish and has lived in all 5 countries. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University Mr. Raineau became key player in the Raineau family business that ranges from hotel casino operations, restaurant operations to commercial and residential real estate developments. Johnathan is respected for his open door policy leadership and hands on management philosophy. He has a keen eye for identifying strengths within the group and building profitable relationships on them.In 2010 Johnathan moved to Costa Rica to build the flagship property of the family business. In 2013 he opened the Sharon Hotel and Grand Casino in San Jose Costa Rica. Five years later the Sheraton hotel and casino is the leading entertainment destination of Costa Rica.  Family is very important to Mr. Raineau but not only in business, he is a dedicated husband and father which are his proudest accomplishments.