Scott MacAndrew


Scott MacAndrew brings more than twenty years of experience in the financial service/technology industries including various trading, financing, market-making, and portfolio management roles at a hedge fund, major banks, investment dealers and exchanges.

Scott is the COO of White Shark Fintech, a mobile trading application utilizing cutting-edge technologies and algorithms in the AI and machine learning domain.  Scott has both retail and institutional experience in international trading covering most asset categories including crypto. He recently ran a global algorithmic hedge fund trading commodities, currencies, and futures.
An early stage technology investor and forward thinker, Scott has been involved in the blockchain and cryptography space for over 6 years.  He has very strong professional knowledge of the mechanics and economics of cryptocurrency trading, venture capital and investing.

Areas of focus include the capital markets, alternative trading systems, execution platforms, trading, and analytic software/simulators and strategies. Scott’s trading experience encompasses various exchanges in North America, Europe and Asia - including domestic/foreign equities and fixed income, bonds, ETFs as well as domestic derivatives, commodities, options, futures, and foreign exchange.

Scott holds an (Honors) Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Guelph. Scott’s accolades include the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation and numerous licenses in Futures, Options, Derivatives, Trading and Portfolio Management in Canada & the USA.  Since 2011, Scott has been recognized as an FCSI – Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute.